Hamlar-Curtis Funeral Home Celebrates Long-Time Partner's Career, Plans for Future Growth

Hamlar-Curtis Funeral Home, Inc. proudly celebrates the retirement of H. Clarke "Duke" Curtis, second generation owner and former Funeral Services Licensee at the 67-year old funeral establishment.  Curtis was recently given the NAACP Lifetime Achievement Award at their 21st Annual Citizen of the Year event on May 31st.

"It's a great opportunity to pause and recognize Duke's contributions to the community," Michael L. Hamlar, third generation owner and Hamlar-Curtis' Funeral Services Licensee said. "The NAACP gave Duke this recognition for the work he did for Roanoke. With Duke's retirement, we acknowledge his service to the Roanoke Valley region and to the thousands of grieving families he has served."

Curtis was born in Roanoke and graduated from William Fleming High School. He was also a Past President of the Virginia Morticians Association (1999-2000) and has been active on a variety of boards and in leadership throughout the region.
"Through these past few decades, we've grown what was already a successful company," said Hamlar.  "I'm very proud of the work we've done together and I'm excited to see where the future takes us.  Duke has done an excellent job building Hamlar-Curtis Funeral Home and we're all thankful for his passion to serve."
Michael L. Hamlar, a well-known civic leader and entrepreneur, will manage day-to-day operations at the funeral home, which was originally opened in 1952 by his late Great Uncle, consummate businessman and philanthropist Lawrence Harrison Hamlar, and Duke Curtis' father, the late Harry C. Curtis, Jr. and mother, the late Marilyn C. Curtis. The Hamlar-Curtis Funeral Home, Inc. is located at 1002 Moorman Avenue, NW. For more information about Hamlar-Curtis Funeral Home, Inc. visit www.hamlar-curtis.com.