Retire With Integrity Invests In Radford, Va.

Retire With Integrity Invests In Radford, Va.
Envision Networks® welcomes new affiliates WRAD-FM/AM
(June 2019) – The syndicated weekly financial planning show Retire With Integrity, is airing on WRAD-AM 1460 with a translator at 103.5 FM and is also simulcast on WRAD-FM 101.7. The two-hour show, hosted by Brian Bowen of  Integrity Financial Planning and Tug Cowart, tackles timely financial topics in a creative, relatable and easily understandable way.
“We are excited to have Retire with Integrity in our weekend lineup on WRAD,” said James Forrest, Operations Manager of WAD Talk Radio. “Retirement can be daunting but Brian and his team are excellent at explaining this major life milestone to our listeners each week in an easy to understand and engaging format.”
Perfect target for revenue-producing sponsorships
Retire with Integrity is ready-made for your sales team to attract multiple, local sponsorship opportunities.
About Brian and Tug
Brian Bowen is an Investment Advisor and the president of Integrity Financial Planning, Inc. He is also the president of CPA tax firm Impact Tax Group, LLC. He is a contributor to, and
Tug Cowart is a veteran of the United States Navy and has spent 18 years in radio on music and talk radio shows and creates as well as hosts podcasts on music, sports, and money with various celebrities and authorities.
For information on Retire with Integrity and other Envision Networks programs, contact us at or call 216.831.3761 for more information.  Or, contact Jane Missel of Integrity Financial Planning at 540.266.3100.